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A Few Reasons To Have Us Build Your New Furniture

  • No theft or damaged furniture from shipping/importing of your current furniture. No freight, no taxes and no customs to deal with .
  • We hand make your furniture exactly as you wish using your designs and photos. We have two artisans that do nothing but carve the designs you wish .
  • We use natural, kiln dried, ( No veneers or MDF/Pressed Sawdust ) Costa Rican hardwoods that are sustainable. This can give your new home the finishing touch of the Costa Rica that we all love. I place emphasis on DRY as others use damp wood which is much cheaper but falls apart later as it warps.
  • Our production commitment is 99% on time, or before schedule. We can also deliver and set up for you.
  • Our references are 100% of our past customers. Just ask or look on our website .
  • With kitchens and baths, we are pleased to come visit you in your home at a time that is convenient .
  • If you are out of the country, we would be pleased to mail you samples of wood, stain, ect .. We want you to enjoy a hassle free transaction with us.
  • We offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on Fine Furniture of Sarchi products. No one in Costa Rica does this. Once you pay any warranty is gone. You probably already know this.
  • For your additional convenience, we can accept your personal check in the US for partial or full payment.
  • We have telephone numbers to contact us in the US and Canada. We respond immediately and can always be reached during normal business hours.

Materials & Options

Our process is simple, personal and highly customizable. Because all our furniture is custom built, after you order the process is very important. Whether you pick one of our beautiful pre-designed Collections or you send us photos for us to reproduce, it all starts with communication with one of us. The personal touch is very important to us. We insure that your design wishes are executed to perfection. As your dream furniture is being made we send you pictures of the process periodically .

  1. Selecting your furniture:
    You may select one of our pre-designed Collections , or from our Gallery , or you can browse the web and find the pieces that you like, send us the pictures and/or links of the furniture and we will price it back to you in the wood and color of your choice along with an on time delivery date.

  2. Regarding fabric in Costa Rica:
    Stores in Costa Rica do not have a 1st quality selection or decent prices on what they do offer. We suggest that you purchase your fabric elsewhere and get it to us in Costa Rica. Now, this may seem difficult for you but we have simplified this. We have a shipping address in the Miami, Florida ( Doral ) area. Also we have partnered with a fabric store in the Miami area. Ultra Fab is a great supplier of interior and outdoor fabrics at good prices. If you will ask for Brenda and identify yourself as our customer they will deliver it to our address in Doral, Florida for shipping to us . Bear in mind that this store is close to our shipping address in Doral thereby saving you expensive freight charges from stores in distant cities .

http://www.OutDoorFabrics.com Is located in the Miami area and a great source for Sunbrella materials. Ask for Tracy, tell her you are our customer . She will give you our discount, ship your purchase to our freight forwarder in Doral whom will send the material on to us. You will pay OutDoorFabrics for your purchase. We will bill you back later for the freight and customs charges we paid for you.

Tracy Dykes
Operations Manager
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our shipping service, www.AeroPost.com , ships the items to Costa Rica, clears customs, pays the duty and delivers to us all in about six (6) days. We bill you back for the actual charges we incur for this service and respective taxes. We do recommend that you set up your own AeroPost account . More on all this later.

Regarding Leather:Leather Swatches

We offer Leather through our Partner Universal Leather. Please contact them for colors and availability.

Les Flippo
Phone: 336-882-4110
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2325 East Kivett Dr.
High Point, NC 27261

Unervisal Leather

  1. Mold Disclaimer

    We do not offer any warranty, exchange, repairs or reimbursement on ANY products , including leather goods , that we sell and/or manufacturer in the event that mold may appear on same. The presence of mold partially stems from high humidity levels that prevail in Costa Rica. This mold growth is further fueled by the fact that (most) air conditioning systems in Costa Rica are not properly sized for the use/need. Many homes have "hang on" type Mitsubishi ( non central air ) systems that are vastly over sized for the room/area/need. These high humidity producing a/c systems fuel the rapid growth of mold. Rest assured that All of our products and related manufacturing components are always 100% free of mold at time of delivery . Please review the information furnished by the University of Florida for a better understanding of humidity, air conditioning and mold .

    Go to our Download Page for more information about Mold.
Click here for Fabric Chart.Click here for stain diagram.

The fabric chart and stain diagram will assist you in determining the needs you will have for your custom made furniture.


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Fabric Information

Ultra Fabrics

A great source for all your fabric needs .

Outdoor Fabric

Click here to See our Materials/Options page for more details.

Color & Stain Information

Fine Furniture of Sarchi Sur Stains

Minwax Stains
Click on the Minwax logo or the stain diagram below to select stain.

FFOS Is Green!

Costa Ricans Love their RainForest!!!
Fine Furniture of Sarchi ONLY uses Local Sustainable Woods.

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